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Released Spring 2017
Format: Paperback, B Format, 198 x 129mm, 320pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-911332-19-0

All the Galaxies

by Philip Miller


The Lovely Bones meets Margaret Atwood in this extraordinary, deeply moving, supernatural story of a young man’s journey to find his mother, wrapped in a dystopian novel about an epic battle between good and evil that threatens to destroy a near future city.

John Fallon is a disillusioned journalist on a failing Glasgow newspaper. After a second failed independence referendum, Scotland is in turmoil, having broken into a number of autonomous city states.

Roland, his son, has gone missing after a student protest turns into a violent clash with the newly militarised police. In outer space, a boy is wakened in the afterlife by his spirit guide, his beloved childhood dog, Kim. Kim takes the boy on a journey to the planets where the dead go, where he hopes to find his long dead mother.

Meanwhile, Fallon, searching for his son, uncovers a trail that leads to beleaguered city leader, Parry, and his shadowy advisor, Norloch.

As the boy and his dog make a shocking discovery that requires an impossible choice, Fallon discovers that a great deal more is at stake than the future of one nation. In All the Galaxies, Philip Miller presents a mesmerising morality tale than proves both a compulsive page-turner and unforgettable emotional journey.

Praise for All the Galaxies

‘a novel of intermittent brilliance… Miller is a writer of evident and very considerable talent’ Scotsman

‘It’s dark, it’s mysterious, it’s humorous, it’s thought provoking and its poignant….it’s a stunning book, it takes you on quite a journey.’ Grant Stott, BBC Radio Scotland

‘a wonderful mix of dystopia and supernatural, full of enough twists and turns to make sure the reader is always guessing what’s going to happen next. Yet for all its weirdness, at its core, this is a truly life-affirming tale of loss and love.’ Courier

‘With such a messy backdrop being the current norm for many places around the world, Philip Miller’s dystopian take acts as a comment on the fragile nature of the social order, forcing us to consider the careful but unpredictable balance at play in our societies.’ List

‘Philip Miller is both an accomplished storyteller and philosopher… This dynamic novel engages the reader on many levels, from its foundation of masterfully drawn, evocative prose to the metaphysical questions raised as the narrative unfolds… All the Galaxies is worth your time. It will warm your heart, challenge your preconceived notions…’ Mulberry Fork Review

‘This bold second novel is impressive in scale and ambition, and yet, despite the big questions it asks about life, death and the universe, it never fails to remain grounded in moving, intimate portraits of a father’s love for his son, a mother’s strained relationship with parenthood and a grown child’s desire to reject what we understand to be death. Strange, funny, poignant and dark, this is a story that imagines a demonic world not so removed from the one we now live in. Miller marches unapologetically across dimensions and genres to a thrilling ending, or terrifying beginning, making me wonder where on earth will he lead us next?’ Jackie Copleton, author of A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

‘A Chagall painting of a book, visionary, apocalyptic but strangely warm, with a strong watermark of love and a moral heart. From a half-ruined Glasgow to a lost galaxy in space, a father looks for his son and a son looks for his mother: it is impossible to sum up all the nuances of this story. An unmissable adventure with a Scottish soul and universal meaning, written between prose and poetry. And it made me cry.’ Daniela Sacerdoti, author of Watch Over Me and Take Me Home

‘A riveting tale set in an entirely plausible future Glasgow. Elegant and enthralling. A wonderful read’ Denise Mina

All the Galaxies gives us a vivid image of dystopian Scotland, then adds to it the rush of intergalactic flight, the devil, mass murder, some luminous jellyfish, and a poignant portrayal of a struggling single father. That is to say, it is unsettling and uncommon and darkly atmospheric, with disarming flashes of hope and beauty.’ Helen Sedgwick, author of The Comet Seekers

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