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Freight publishes first ebook of classic The Sound of My Voice

Ron Butlin, author of The Sound of My Voice
9th February 2017

The Sound of My Voice by Ron Butlin Freight is delighted to announce that today, Thursday 9th February, we published the first-ever ebook edition of the acclaimed, contemporary classic of Scottish literature, The Sound of My Voice, by Ron Butlin.

The book is a brilliant evocation of the struggles of a middle-class alcoholic man in a white collar job in a biscuit factory. Since it was first published in 1987, it has been praised by many, including Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, as highly influential, and was translated to stage in an award-winning play at the Citizens Theatre in 2014, adapted by Jeremy Raison.

Ron Butlin said, ‘I am delighted that Freight has brought out my novel as an ebook. With new and electronic life now pulsing through it, The Sound of My Voice looks forward to meeting generations of future readers!’

To mark the launch we asked a number of writers what they thought of Butlin’s achievement:

‘Ron Butlin’s The Sound of My Voice is one of the key Scottish novels of the Eighties. Its daring use of second-person narrative, its interrogation of the rising Thatcherite middle-class and the pathos with which it treats the social issue of alcoholism makes it a profoundly moving and staggeringly effective read.’ Alan Bissett, author of Death of a Ladies Man and Pack Men

‘1987 is not yesterday but I still remember being mesmerised by both the voice and the sad trajectory of the narrative it carries. Only afterwards, I realised the level of craft involved, akin to the deft touch shown in the same author’s poem on the music of Mozart.’
Ian Stephen, author of A Book of Death and Fish and Waypoints

The Sound of My Voice is not only an insistent lament for a life of lost opportunity, it is also a stylistic and technical source book for a generation.’ Tom Pow

‘An extraordinarily powerful and redemptive work, as impressive for its use of language as for its emotional appeal.’ Nicholas Royle, author of Quilt, The Uncanny and First Novel

“Ane o the best, maist urgent novels I’ve read. Doonload noo.” Matthew Fitt, author of But n Ben A-go-go

‘For all its brevity, The Sound of My Voice is a profound and beautifully written study of human fragility in the face of the brutalism of modern life, as it recounts one man’s struggle with his urge to push the self-destruct button.’ James Robertson, author of And the Land Lay Still

The ebook of The Sound of My Voice is available here