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We Are The 56 edited by Josh Bircham and Grant Costello

Format: hardback with jacket, 216 x 138mm

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-51-6

We Are The 56

by Josh Bircham and Grant Costello


The 56 are fantastic. I loved the group in the Scottish Parliament between 2007 and 2011 because they were so loyal under the most extraordinary circumstances and they would go through fire to maintain the government. In terms of talent, raw political talent, and breadth of ability, this is an extraordinary group and a deep reservoir of skilled politicians.’ Alex Salmond

After the Scottish National Party’s historic clean sweep in the 2015 General Election, destroying Scottish Labour and the Liberal Democrats North of the Border, this is a timely and in-depth examination of each one of the 56 individuals, many from outwith the political establishment, who now represent the vast majority of Scotland at the Westminster Parliament.

Who are they? Where have they come from and what has been their journey into politics? What motivates them? Who or what inspires them? What is their vision for Scotland’s future?

We are the 56 is a timely record of the seismic changes in Scottish politics and a fascinating insight into the compelling human stories behind the political headlines.

Praise for We Are The 56

‘…a marker of the historic upset of May 2015. […] Allowing the MPs to speak for themselves, as Bircham and Costello do, lets us see what they are really like. And in many cases that is talented and conscientious politicians…’ Stephen Daisley, STV