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The Turncoat by Alan Murray

Format: paperback, 198 x 129mm, 272pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-911332-02-2
Alan Murray

Alan Murray is an acclaimed historian and novelist, originally from Edinburgh, but who has lived in Australia, New Zealand and...

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The Turncoat

by Alan Murray


Beneath the rubble of war lies a terrible truth

In 1941, over two nights, the Luftwaffe attacked the town of Clydebank, resulting in over 500 deaths, 600 seriously injured and 48,000 left homeless. Danny Inglis and George Maclean, officers in Military Intelligence, have the unenviable task of rooting out those German informants believed to be responsible for directing the assault.

By chance a random arrest may have identified a prime suspect but the man concerned is found dead before he can be questioned. What has the killing to do with the IRA and could the outrageous claims of the German pilot who just crash landed in the Scottish countryside possibly be true?

In a world where nothing is as it seems, Inglis and Maclean battle through the fog of war to uncover a brutal conspiracy at the heart of the countryís fight against the Nazis. With the freedom of the world at risk, the stakes could not be higher.

Here, mixing fact and fiction, Alan Murray delivers a brilliant historical conspiracy thriller, with all the pace of Robert Harris and the authenticity of Gordon Ferris.

Praise for The Turncoat

‘Newcomer Murray writes with infectious enthusiasm and weaves a story that stays within the bounds of credulity. The climatic shootout might teach James Bond a few tricks.’ Daily Mail

‘…a complex plot and plenty of authentic details make for an absorbing and informative read. The Major and Inglis complement each other well and Finola Fraser adds a sharp intellect and a splash of glamour. These are characters that could easily support a number of sequels if Murray is minded to give them another outing.’ National

‘This gripping thriller mixes fact and fiction to plot a tale of conspiracy and and betrayal in the midst of Great Britain’s fight against the Nazis.’ Scots Heritage Magazine

‘Heavy on authentic military history and featuring real people of the time, The Turncoat is a pacey piece of historical war-time fiction.’ Scottish Field

‘[a] clever piece of historical reconstruction… an interesting and enjoyable novel’ Literary Review

‘An exciting tale well rooted in real events.’ Promoting Crime Fiction by Lizzie Hayes

‘Shades of John Buchan and Erskine Childers in this deft and stirring wartime thriller. Vivid, pacy, powerfully authentic…’ Liam McIlvanney, author of Where the Dead Men Go

‘Historical crime fiction, arguably the literature’s most important sub-genre in our increasingly anti-intellectual age, does not have a strong tradition in Scotland, where contemporary whodunnits and howcatchems have long dominated the bestseller charts. Yet if Alan Murray’s new novel – a WW2 thriller full of explosive drama and down-and-dirty historical detail – is as influential as it is intelligent and intriguing, The Turncoat may soon make a name for itself as a turning point in the history of Tartan Noir.’ Len Wanner, author of Tartan Noir

‘A very enjoyable historical thriller, with the emphasis on the meticulously researched history.’ Morning Star Daily