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The Night He Left by Sue Lawrence

Format: B format, paperback, 198 x 129 mm, 320pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-95-0
Sue Lawrence

Sue Lawrence is a food writer and journalist who has written many books on cooking and baking, including The Sunday Times Cookbook (1998), Sue Lawrence Book of Baking (2003), A Cook's Tour of Scotland (2006), and Scottish Baking (2014).

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The Night He Left

by Sue Lawrence


At 7pm on 28th December 1879 a violent storm batters the newly-built iron rail bridge across the River Tay, close to the city of Dundee. Ann Craig, a wealthy woman, is waiting for her husband, a mill owner, to return home. From her window she sees the bridge collapse, the train he is travelling on ploughing into the sea, killing all those on board. As Ann investigates the events leading up to the crash, doubt is cast on whether Robert was on the train after all. If not, where is he, and who is the mysterious woman who is first to be washed ashore?

In the present day, Fiona Craig’s new partner Pete, an Australian restaurateur, clears their joint bank account before abandoning his car at Dundee Airport and disappearing. When the Police discover his car is stolen, Fiona conducts her own investigation into Pete’s background, slowly uncovering dark secrets and strange parallels with the events of 1879.

Following on from her acclaimed debut Fields of Blue Flax, chef, food writer and TV presenter Sue Lawrence serves up another brilliant historical mystery, meticulously researched and densely plotted, with plenty of twists and turns and a gripping climax.

Praise for The Night He Left

‘I found this book enthralling. It’s a cracking story beautifully told.’ Lorraine Kelly, broadcaster

‘Un-put-downable’ Dundee Courier

‘Lawrence’s parallel plotlines advance in lock-step with each other over alternate chapters, with spooky similarities but also crucial differences, until they’re entwined to great effect towards the end.’ Sunday Herald Life

‘A very enjoyable read… and a fascinating insight into the history of Dundee’s famous bridge disaster.’ Kirsten McKenzie, author of The Chapel at the End of the World

‘A gripping tale.’ Daily Record

‘The Night He Left is a deft mix of vivid storytelling, intriguing mystery and building momentum, stilfully interwoven with the history of the Tay Bridge disaster.’ Scottish Field

‘Sue Lawrence swaps cookbooks for suspense and has come up with a winner.’ Scots Magazine