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The Kelpies: the making of the world's largest equestrian sculptures by Andy Scott

Format: hardback, 298 x 225mm

ISBN Code: 978-1-908754-85-1

The Kelpies: making the world’s largest equine sculptures

by Andy Scott


A beautiful coffee table book dedicated to the making of Europe’s largest and most iconic public sculptures.

A stunning photographic and text record of the design, fabrication and build of the iconic Kelpies, two massive 30m high steel sculptures by internationally renowned artist Andy Scott.

Weighing a whopping 300 tonnes each, the Kelpies form a dramatic gateway to the entrance of the Forth and Clyde canal in central Scotland and promise to become one of the most globally recognisable pieces of sculpture in the UK. A monument to horse powered heritage that helped build the nation during the industrial revolution, they are also inspired by the Scottish myth of supernatural sea horses. Currently, two 1.10 scale maquette models of the Kelpies have been touring Chicago, New York and elsewhere in the US, as well as UK-wide and in Europe.

Praise for The Kelpies: making the world’s largest equine sculptures

‘a stunning hardback record of the creation of the 300 ton iconic scultpure, the Kelpies… this insightful look at the construction of one of the most internationally recognisable pieces of sculpture in Scotland is packed full of beautiful photography and a behind-the-scenes look at artist Andy Scott and the process he went through making the mythical 98 foot beasties.’ Scottish Field