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Format: Paperback, B format, 198 x 129mm, 384pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-78-3

The House Between Tides



A beautiful debut novel set in the Outer Hebrides, The House Between Tides strips back layers of the past to reveal a dark mystery. In the present day, Hetty Deveraux returns to the family home of Muirlan House on a remote Hebridean island estate following the untimely death of her parents. Torn between selling the house and turning it into a hotel, Hetty undertakes urgent repairs, accidentally uncovering human remains.

Who has been lying beneath the floorboards for a century? Were they murdered? Through diaries and letters she finds, Hetty discovers that the house was occupied at the turn of the century by distant relative Beatrice Blake, a young aristocratic woman recently married to renowned naturalist and painter, Theodore Blake. With socialist and suffragist leanings Beatrice is soon in conflict with her autocratic new husband, who is distant, and wrapped up in Cameron, a young man from the island.

Praise for The House Between Tides:

‘Last night, debut author Maine dreamed of a contemporary spin on classic Gothic tropes. Orphan Hetty Deveraux has inherited a crumbling, wind-battered mansion on a remote Muirland Island in western Scotland, “on the edge of the world.” The setting emerges as the strongest personality in this compelling story, evoking passion in the characters as fierce as the storms which always lurk on the horizon. A debut historical thriller which deftly blends classic suspense with modern themes.’ Kirkus

‘Even though Maine is switching constantly between the two time periods, the permanence of the land gives her a solid, elemental stage on which to enact the powerful passions and intractable dlemmas of her main characters. Tinged with melodrama and infused with a love of the wildness of nature, The House Between Tides even evokes the transcendent beauty that Theodore Blake saw, with his artist’s eye, before dilsillusionment quenched his love of life forever.’ Herald

‘Muirlan Island in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides provides the sensuous setting for British author Maine’s impressive debut, which charts the parallel quests of two women a century apart. […] Vivid descriptions of the island’s landscape and weather enhance this beautifully crafted novel.’ Publisher’s Weekly