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Song of the Dead by Douglas Lindsay

Format: Paperback, B format, 198×129 mm, 272pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-74-5

Song of the Dead

by Douglas Lindsay


From the author of The Legend of Barney Thomson, recently released as a major motion picture starring two times Academy award-winner Emma Thompson, comes a dark, brooding new crime series.

Police detective Ben Westphall is burnt out and leading a quiet life in the North of Scotland. Things change when he is assigned to investigate the cold case of a UK national who disappeared in Eastern Europe under mysterious circumstances and who, despite being declared dead, has re-appeared, claiming to have been held for over a decade, various body parts having been harvested during that time. Westphall travels to Estonia, chasing leads and shadows that may lead to an international drugs and organ trafficking conspiracy.

Praise for Song of the Dead

‘With this richly atmospheric and unrelentingly dark outing, Lindsay solidifies himself as one of the rising stars of Tartan Noir.’ Publishers Weekly

‘…a beautiful prose style and an intricate, clockwork plot.’ Booklist

‘This is a compelling start to a new straight crime series by a master of comic crime.’ Scottish Field

‘It’s a dark and atmospheric story with a splattering of dark humour… This is a series of Books I will defiantly be following.’ The Coffee & Kindle

‘A Tartan Noir tour de force. Lindsay writes with an economy and skill all too rare in modern fiction. If you haven’t read the Barney Thomson author yet – buy this and join the bandwagon, you’ll find me on there, beating the drum for this briliant book.’ Tony Black, author of Artefacts of the Dead and The Last Tiger

‘It’s a dark and atmopsheric story with a splattering of dark humour. […] I loved the Dorothy storyline, really loved it. This is a series of books I will definitely be following.’ Elephant Book Blog

‘Tartan Noir goes international on the trail of a European organ-trafficking scheme. Ben Westphall, a burned-out ex-spy turned cop, finds himself drawn into this case where murder is the order of the day. His vision of a quiet life in the north of Scotland soon disappears.’ Scots Magazine