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Look Up Glasgow Pocket Edition

Released Spring 2017
Format: Paperback, 175 x 125mm, 160pp

Look Up Glasgow Pocket Edition

by Adrian Searle and David Barbour


A pocket-sized book of the bestselling guide to Glasgow’s world-class architectural detail, hidden in plain sight at the tops of the city’s iconic buildings.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, its streets a constant frenetic bustle of activity. But rarely do its residents take the time to stop and look up at the extraordinary architectural heritage all around. Glasgow’s ‘no mean city’ image belies this world-class architectural detail, comprising of stunning sculpture, ornament, friezes, gables and decoration, the vast majority of which are hidden in plain sight above eye level.

Writer Adrian Searle and specialist architectural photographer David Barbour have scoured the city, bringing together in one volume a fabulous record of the hidden jewels of ‘the second city of the Empire’, created in a time of great wealth and virtuoso craftsmanship now long gone. The book also includes poetry from six of Scotland’s leading poets, responding in very individual ways to Glasgow’s extraordinary built environment.

Look Up Glasgow is a beautiful surprise, demonstrating that Glasgow is much more than just another post-industrial British city. Now in a handy pocket edition, residents and visitors can use Look Up Glasgow as a rooftop guide to the city, to track down their favourite sculptures.

Praise for the hardback edition of Look Up Glasgow

‘[A] fascinating book.’ Evening Times

‘Even those who think they know Glasgow well will find something new.’ The Herald

‘…this beautiful book is rich in heritage, visually stunning and a fine tribute to the treasures that sit just below the Glasgow skies.’ Daily Record

‘A book befitting the beauty of Glasgow’s under-appreciated skyline.’ The List