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I Am Because You Are

Format: Paperback, B Format, 198 x 129mm, 240pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-26-4

I Am Because You Are

by Pippa Goldschmidt and Tania Hershman


In November 1915 Albert Einstein published his now world famous General Theory of Relativity. It made key predictions around gravity’s influence in space and time. It introduced to physics new concepts around the curvature of space, the passage of time, the bending of light, black holes and the behaviour of bodies in freefall.

I Am Because You Are is a timely collection of new fiction and non-fiction from novelists and science writers, all inspired by the theme of Relativity. Each contributor treats the subject in their own unique way. The results are charming, witty, sometimes challenging but always accessible, presenting complex science themes in imaginative, easy-to-understand and highly entertaining ways.

Contributors include novelists Andrew Crumey, Dilys Rose and Neil Williamson, alongside popular science writers like Pedro Ferreira, Jo Dunkley and Lance Miller. Edited by acclaimed, award-winning writers Pippa Goldschmidt and Tania Hershman, I Am Because You Are will be the perfect vehicle for both press and public to engage with this important centenary.

Praise for I Am Because You Are 

‘Sparkling with wit and originality, making a virtue out of the frail humanity of science, these stories perfectly reflect the breathtaking poetry of Einstein’s greatest theory. Enlightening, entertaining and sometimes moving, this collection is a beautiful celebration of relativity’s influence on our cultural landscape’ Michael Brooks, author of 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense

‘The amazing thing about science is its explanation of why things are possible- introduce it to short stories and anything is possible. Rabbits, shrinking ladies, fat women, eclipses, and black holes, I Am Because You Are is a dazzling collection of stories that make you aware of the universe.’ Angela Readman, author of The Rubery Book Award-winning short story collection Don’t try This At Home

‘The range of writing in this book was fascinating… the balance of non-fiction, fiction and poetry in this anthology was perfect… all in all, a very good read and a great way to mark the centenary of this life-changing Theory.’ Strupag

‘Such is the display of writerly talent on display here that we are reminded that, as with space and time, the possibilities of literature will likely never cease to astound, amaze, and inspire us.’ Nothingintherulebook

‘One hundred years after Einstein altered our view of the universe, a new collection of short stories is a fitting tribute to his creative genius.’ Independent 

‘Writers rise to the challenge of creating fiction from black holes, dark matter and warped light.’ Times Higher Education

‘Pippa Goldschmidt, Tania Herschman and Freight Books are to be commended for such a diverse, intoxicating, thought-provoking anthology.’ Shoreline of Infinity

‘A collection as thought-provoking and inspiring as its subject matter.’ Structo Magazine