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Double Tap by Hania Allen

Format: Paperback, B Format, 198 x 129mm, 288pp

ISBN Code: 978-1-910449-00-4
Hania Allen

Hania Allen was born in Liverpool of Polish refugee parents. She always wanted to go into space and came a fair way (but not far enough) in the Project Juno competition to find Britain’s first astronaut.

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Double Tap

by Hania Allen


Second in the Von Valenti series, where the action moves to Edinburgh. A professional hit during an executive paintball game demands all of Von’s skills as a detective.

Leaving the Police and chasing her errant daughter, Von has relocated to Edinburgh where she’s set up as a Private Detective. She is asked to investigate a professional hit, an infamous ‘double tap’, that has occurred during an executive paint-ball game. As always nothing is as it seems as Von must use all her intelligence, tenacity and skills to unravel the truth from a web of lies that surrounds the case.

Praise for Double Tap

‘Hania Allen’s second novel is a confident, darkly witty tale that made me lock the door and keep turning the pages. Her Edinburgh feels solid, with welcome details adding texture to the familiarity of Scotland’s capital. But it’s her characters who impress: Von is a realistic and fascinating take on the PI – a character and profession sorely underlooked in UK crime fiction, and presented here in an emotionally honest and utterly believable light. Double Tap is a pitch-perfect period piece combined with a clever mystery, but more than that, it’s a witty, tense crime novel written in a highly readable style, and with an authenticity of character, procedure and place that is rare and exciting to discover. Read this right now. You won’t regret it.’ Russel D McLean author of the J McNee detective series

‘The plot is fast-moving, and ends with a satisfyingly suspense-filled double twist. I really loved the atmopsheric use of the Edinburgh settings.’ Promoting Crime Fiction